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Gustavo Di Si

Ok. Maybe I thought in spanish and write in english...I mean ASTONISH, very POSITIVE, synonimous of Motivating, and so forth, Also surprised me. That is my interpretation of "shocking" very POSITIVE!! In spanish is a different meaning or translation. Thank you againg for your beautiful words my friend! I would like to meet with you and give you a big hug in person!!! God bless you! Gustavo.

Ray bethell

Good Day to you Gustavo thank you again for the Joy and peace I felt while watching your Show, but I can't understand why you thought my words were shocking to you, to me shocking means some thing terrible , maybe it was the fault of the translation, for I felt totaly at peace while watching your show and I know only too well the time and practice it takes to put on a show like this. A few years ago I had a friend that put a show like yours but they used gymnastics it was very beautiful to watch, it was in Japan. I wish you and your Team a very beautiful and successful year 2016. Your friend Ray

Ray Bethell

Beautiful Gustavo , What I started 30 plus years ago to help me find peace after a virus took my hearing which made me completley deaf, I found the same wonderful peacefullness while watching your kite and skating Ballet that comes over me every time I fly,
Ray Bethell

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